Employee Strength/Weakness Tracking

See how you are rated by your peers on a range of attributes. You can also track the evolution of your score, strengths and weaknesses through time.

Company Structure Creator

Bugscore 360 allows you to create a company structure which allows you to track quality not only on an employee level, but also on a departmental and subsidiary level (for larger organizations).

Customizable Attributes Tailored to Your Company

Customize the attributes you wish your employees to be scored on based on your company's values and KPIs. You can have an infinite number of attributes and create various templates for different job titles.

Full Scoring/Viewing Privacy Controls

You have full control over scoring and viewing privacy so that Bugscore 360 can be adapted to your corporate culture.

Real-Time Feedback Campaigns

Create scoring campaigns in any part of your company and obtain quantified feedback about any employee in real-time, any time of the year.

Real-Time Alert System

Receive alerts when scores on employees, departments and subsidiaries fall or rise above a certain threshold. This early warning system allows you to be be ahead of the curve and identify problems anywhere in your company.

Birds Eye View Quality Control

Immediately see how quality is faring across your entire company; either on an employee, job-title, department or subsidiary level.

Compare Assets

Compare employees, departments or entire subsidiaries on a range of customized attributes.

Rank Your Assets

See who are the top ranked employees, departments and subsidiaries within your company.

Biggest Movers

Identify the employees, departments and subsidiaries with the biggest changes in score over a defined time frame to see who is making the biggest progress or losing momentum the quickest.

Unique Big Data Insights

Identify the most lenient reviewers, biggest complainers, most/least consistent performers and garner many more unique insights using Bugscore 360's advanced behavioral pattern technology.