The Bugscore 360 team

Ted Finch, CMO

Ted is the Chief Marketing Officer of the Bugscore 360 platform. He has a background in sales-channel development and product promotion/distribution. In his long career, Ted was a VP of Sales and Marketing at MarketStar, Goldmine Software, Harcourt and General Electric. He was also a senior VP at Motorola and led the marketing team that published Netscape Navigator; the World's best selling software in the late 90s. Ted has extensive experience in sales-channel development and product distribution. Owing to his multi faceted tenure at large corporations globally, Ted has vast management experience across various divisions and with HR tools that measure KPIs and employee performance.

Graham Robertson, MBA, Advisor

Graham is an advisor to Bugscore 360 in the UK. He is the current Chairman of Corex Group - a leading oil and gas services supplier. He has been with the firm for 26 years and prior to this, was operations director at Paleosevices. Graham's personal passion is board evaluation and performance benchmarking; a subject which he lectures on at the Henley Business School, UK and at the esteemed Institute of Directors, UK. Over the course of his long career, he worked with a variety of HR tools and designed and implemented HR processes aimed at improving organisational quality on the employee and department level.

Eric Wong, MBA, Advisor

Eric is an advisor to and Bugscore 360 in Asia. His working experience spans 32 years from 1969 to 2001 and includes operations director positions in Industrial Engineering, Production, Operations Management, Materials and Supply Chain Management in companies like Texas Instruments (Singapore), Hewlett Packard (Singapore and USA) and Omni Electronics (Singapore). Eric was one of the key managers from HP to grow Omni Electronics from a small setup to a multi-million corporation which was eventually listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Jane Middleton, Consultant

Jane Middleton is the founding partner of The Middleton Partnership - an independent Human Resources consultancy focussed on providing best practice support and advice to smaller businesses and start-ups. She works closely with Bugscore Ltd. Jane set up The Middleton Partnership in January 2011 having spent 17 years working in senior HR business partner roles in for Citi, Cazenove, J.P. Morgan and IHG hotels. Jane has an in depth knowledge of performance management tools and HR systems.